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Dental Crowns and Bridges Toronto

Crowns and bridges used in cosmetic dentistry are prosthetic devices that are surgically implanted in the gum in place of the missing teeth. Dental crown fittings are used to replace a single tooth whereas bridges are placed to cover gaps left open by more than one missing tooth. Specialists at Queen Roncy offers cosmetic dental services that involve the use of crowns and bridges for aesthetic corrections.

How Crowns and Bridges Work?

Dentists use crowns to cap a tooth that is damaged from a trauma. While that is its primary function, dentists have also found a use of dental crown fittings in improving the shape and appearance of damaged tooth. Sometimes, it serves to rectify the alignment of a single tooth with the rest. A crown comes with an implant attachment that gives the entire device a tooth-like structure. Though in most cases, crowns are made from ceramic to suit the natural color of the patients’ teeth, some people like to have gold, acrylic and alloy crowns. An alloy crown is generally stronger than their ceramic versions and are mostly recommended for molar and premolar replacements.

As for dental bridges, they work in pretty much the same manner as crowns, except that they cover for more than just one missing tooth. Sometimes, the end teeth between a wide gap shift positions owing to the lack of pressure in between. This matures into what dentists call a bad bite. Gum and TMJ diseases can also result from missing teeth. Dental Bridges are devices placed to fill the blank and work as anchors for the teeth on both sides. Ceramic bridges are both cosmetic and prosthetic devices.

When Are They Recommended?

Crowns and dental bridges are recommended in the following cases:

  • To replace a big filling in a decayed tooth.

  • To prevent a weak tooth from getting fractured.

  • To anchor two teeth on either ends of a gap.

  • Restore a broken tooth

  • Cap a discolored or damaged tooth.

  • Cap a tooth treated for a root canal.

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