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Dental Implants in Toronto, Ontario

Queen Roncy is backed up by some of the brightest specialists working in the dental implants in Toronto, Ontario clinics. Our team is trained and equipped to carry out diverse implant processes. Our dentists    recommend the procedure to only those who have a generally good overall and oral health.

Implant Procedures We Do

Our dental implants clinic in Toronto, Ontario has a team of periodontists and cosmetic dentists who carry out the procedures whilst consulting with each other about the opportunities and threats of the concerned procedure in the given case.

One Tooth Replacement: This is one of the most often performed job. A single missing tooth is replaced with an artificial implant while embedding it into the gum in the place of the lost tooth root.

Multiple Teeth Replacement: Multiple teeth implant is a step more complicated because it involves the use of a bridge. With this procedure, more than one lost tooth in a row can be replaced with composite replicas.

Entire Set Replacement: Instead of traditional dentures, some people like to get the entire sets implanted for convenience. We use full bridge or denture to plant the gum with.

Ridge Modification: Bone defects in the gum is rectified surgically through ridge modification procedures. We fill insufficiency in the bony size or structure with bone substitute to give the ridge a proper shape.

Sinus Augmentation: We carry out sinus augmentation to make up for the less-than-required bone density and quantity. The back portion of the upper jaw is the trickiest of all sites.

The Phases of Implant

Our dental implants Toronto Ontario specialists carry out implants in the standard three-step process.

  • They start with placing the implant into the contour of the jawbone. A diet of soft and cold food is recommended during the convalescent stage.

  • In the osseo integration phase, the doctors closely monitor the growth and develop of the gum tissues and bones surrounding the implant. All surgical interventions have to wait through this period.

  • In the end, the dentists finally fix the crown to the dental implant thereby completing the process. The crowns are made in the laboratory in close imitation of the original teeth of the patient.

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