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Wisdom tooth extraction is a small, minimally invasive oral procedure in which a wisdom tooth is pulled out from its tooth to relieve pain. It is a clinical procedure and is carried out by trained dental surgeons. A surgery is required in tooth extraction in cases where all wisdom teeth are taken out on one go or if there are dental complications involved.

At Queen Roncy, a trusted dental clinic in Toronto, we have experienced dentists who perform wisdom teeth extraction processes at minimum pain, cost and recovery period.

Why is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Done?

If you have a wisdom tooth or two, you must already be aware of the pain that involves the growth of one. However, the pain is not always why these teeth are extracted. Wisdom teeth extraction specialists in Toronto look at it as a treatment to correct a problem or to ward any possible oral problem in the foreseeable future.

  • When the space in the jaw is too small for the tooth to break out of the gums, the site starts to pain which then spread through to the tonsils and the skull.

  • If the tooth manages to sprout out partly, it usually stops there encouraging a small flap of soft tissue to develop over it. The corner created is a favorite breeding ground for bacteria in the future. Infections are probable in such crevices.

  • Impacted teeth serve as the root cause of periodontal and orthodontic conditions like infections, teeth damage, bone damage, cyst, etc.

  • When more than one wisdom tooth tries to come out and hinder each other at an odd angle, they need immediate removal.


How Can Patients Benefit from Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Painless wisdom teeth extraction procedures can correct or prevent cosmetic dental problems of many kinds. Some of them assured at our Dental Clinic in Toronto are:

  • Extraction prevents crowding of teeth at the back of the gum.

  • It helps the healing of impacted jaw by removal of a tooth that never fully came out.

  • It prevents swelling of gums around partly sprouted wisdom teeth.

  • It erases chances of tooth decay and gum disorder in wisdom teeth.

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