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Root Canal TREATMENT Toronto

Queen Roncy is one of the prime dental clinics in Toronto that offers root canal treatments through a team of experienced dentists. The treatment of root canal requires very specific skills that only the masters acquire over a career of experience. We have with us, some of the finest dentists in Toronto. We study every case properly before judging its suitability for the therapy.

Inside the Root Canal Procedure

Root Canal Treatment in Toronto is an endodontic procedure that is carried out to cure infected and inflamed tooth pulp. The infection can be caused by a variety of factors such as deep decay, faulty crowns, broken or damaged tooth, repeated oral procedures, and more. Such inflammation and infection are characterized by severe pain and formation of abscess in tooth.

Root canal therapy in Toronto involves careful cleaning of the tooth, disinfection of the wound and complete removal of the pulp. The hollow is then refilled with gutta-percha sealant. After natural healing comes to an end, another clinical session is carried out to fill the tooth for protection.

How Our Root Canal Treatments Can Save Your Affected Tooth

Through root canal treatments, our dentists salvages the affected teeth and prevents a variety of possible conditions that can be trigged from the infection.

  • Following the treatment, the tooth with all its surrounding ones starts to function normally.

  • A root canal treatment is a conclusion to the need of on-going dental procedures.

  • It restores and maintains the natural smile.

  • Root canal therapy Toronto prevents recurrence of any dental problem in the concerned site.


What You Can Expect from Our Root Canal Treatment

Once the treatment is over and you have consulted our root canal dentists in Toronto, you can expect:

  • A comfortable and painless chewing experience.

  • A normal biting sensation and force.

  • Natural dental appearance.

  • No excessive dental wear and tear

  • No strain from chewing or opening your mouth

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