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The first thing about an enchanting smile is a set of pearly white teeth. While alignment and structural perfection are primary to a beautiful smile, they come second to color and polish. At Queen Roncy, we make sure that you return with a set of perfectly white teeth that remains sparkling for the longest time.

We ensure this with the help of a few procedures that have placed us in a frontal position in the teeth whitening segment.

Teeth Whitening Services Available with Us

Our dentists carry out all in-office teeth whitening procedures that exist in dentistry. Here they are:

Mouthpiece Tray: Over the counter mouthpiece trays can be abrasive and irritating the soft tissues of the gum. This is why our dentists recommend personalized trays that are made using the dental impressions of the patients. Our dentists provide trays that have a smug fit on the teeth and minimal contact with the gum.

Dental Cleaning: Sometimes poor oral hygiene causes birth of harmful bacteria within the mouth. Leftover crumbs of food decay and cement with the enamel causing gray and black plaques near the root. The inside the teeth is another place where incomplete cleaning creates opportunities for bacteria to breed. Over a routine cleansing session, our dentists pick out all such formations and flush out particles that block the crevices and crannies of the teeth.

Bleaching: Hydrogen peroxide solutions of high concentration are caked all over the teeth and left to work for some time. The bleaching agent works by cleansing out the dark layers that get deposited on the enamel. After the solution is flushed out, the teeth appear multiple shades whiter.

For any information on our teeth whitening services in Toronto and the cost involved, give us a call or visit us                                    any day between Monday and Saturday

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