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Laser Dentistry IN TORONTO 

Laser in dentistry has helped our dentists and those around the world pursue new avenues of medicine that has made possible treatments that were unknown so long

Laser Treatments on Our List

The procedures for select oral problems we have on our chart of our laser dentistry clinic at Toronto are largely divided into hard tissue as in tooth and soft tissue as in gum procedures.

  • Tooth Sensitivity: Hoot and cool sensations in teeth is caused by opening of tubules at the base of the teeth that are sealed with lasers.

  • Crown Resizing: Both gum and tooth tissues are resized to lengthen the crowns.

  • Gum Reshaping: Gummy smiles are treated with laser-based gum resizing procedure.

  • Frenectomy: Tightness of frenula is treated for tongue-tied babies and children.

  • Fold Removal: Epulis is painlessly removed with the use of stitches with laser removal techniques.


Use of Lasers in Precise Treatment

We use lasers in the following laser dentistry treatment programs:

  • Soft tissue removal

  • Tooth sensitivity management

  • Gum reshaping

  • TMD inflammation treatment


How You May Benefit from Our Laser Dental Treatments


With the use of laser in our oral care procedures, both restorative and preventive, we are able to offer our patients the following benefits:

  • Procedures like soft tissue removal do not require sutures or stitches.

  • Chances of infection in laser dentistry procedures following an oral surgical method are well-managed with laser beams. High-energy lasers sterilize the site of wound instantly.

  • Surrounding tissues are minimally damaged from penetrative procedures.

  • Operation wounds heal sooner and tissues show quicker regeneration.


Introduction of laser has trimmed the inconveniences and downsized the limitations of dental treatments. We are also able to offer precise and effective treatments to our patients at much conservative prices.

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