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A Brief Note on Dental Implants in Toronto

The city of Toronto in Ontario is a hotbed of dental treatment and medication. Canadians from all over the world fly to many of the city’s dental hospitals and clinics to get their oral health examined and remedied. One commonly given out service in the clinics across Toronto is dental implants. Dental implant in Toronto is procedure through which dentists supply a replicated replacement tooth in place of a missing one.

The Two Kinds of Dental Implants

CDA approves of two know techniques of dental implants in Toronto, namely, Endosteal and Subperiosteal.

The first is a surgical procedure in which the doctors embed a titanium tooth root to the jawbone of the patient. Once introduced, the surrounding gum tissues start to get familiarized by the new presence and as they start to grow normally around it instead of abandoning it, a second surgery is performed to attach the bottom part which is the tooth to the implant. The crown used for this process is an artificial one which is made in the laboratory using composite materials in the shape, shade and size of the real crown which fell off.

The second technique uses a metal frame instead of one post. The metal frames cover a wider gap unlike endosteal implants. Outfitted on the jawbone, the flesh of the gum starts to heal with time fixing the fitment firmly in place. Artificial teeth are later mounted on the brace in the next sitting to fill the gap.


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