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Are Dental Implants the Right Choice for You?

When a tooth breaks, falls or gets knocked out or is decayed beyond repair, options exist. The two main ones involve either going in for a full extraction and leaving the space empty or choosing to explore dental implants Toronto dentists can put into place. The latter solution is one that delivers benefits many don’t realize. Even if the damaged tooth is in the back of the mouth and is not necessarily visible to others, replacement can have its perks.

Dental implants Toronto, Ontario, dentists put into place are meant to serve for a single tooth, a row of them or an entire set. While the amount of work and the process involved in placing dental implants will hinge on the extent of replacement required, this distinct solution is superior to straight extraction for many reasons, including:

  • Preserving a smile – A dental clinic Toronto provider that offers dental implants can use this unique technique to help preserve a patient’s natural smile. By replacing the damaged or missing tooth with an exact replica, appearances can be maintained.

  • Promoting better oral health – Teeth are designed to work in a full set. When one or two of them is missing, people must adjust their chewing, cleaning routine and more. By replacing damaged teeth, proper structure can be maintained, taking pressure off the jaw to compensate for a space where there is a gap. In addition, having a perfectly fit implant put in can help preserve the health of other teeth by also taking pressure off them during the chewing process.

  • Protecting self-esteem – When teeth are damaged or lost, people tend to hide their smiles. Self-esteem can take a hit as a result. Dental implants Toronto, Ontario, professionals can put into place address this concern.

Dental implants, Toronto residents will discover, offer a permanent way to address a missing or damaged tooth. Whether it’s a single tooth that needs to be replaced or implants are preferred over dentures or bridges, this procedure can help people maintain beautiful smiles and better oral health.

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