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3 Reasons to Consider a Root Canal

When a tooth is abscessed and creating a lot of pain, it’s not uncommon for people to simply want it removed. After all, an extraction will end the pain rather quickly. This route, however, is not generally recommended over a more intensive root canal. Toronto residents will find their dentists may strongly recommend a root canal over straight extraction for a few rather compelling reasons.

Here are just a few of the benefits those seeking emergency dental care Toronto service will find from selecting a root canal to address pain:

  • The procedure gets to the heart of the problem – When a tooth is abscessed, it means infection has taken root in the tooth pulp. This leads to inflammation, which causes pain. When a Toronto dental clinic moves forward with a root canal, the first step involves treating the infection directly. Doing so can ease pain while helping improve overall dental health.

  • The procedure saves the natural tooth – The aim of a root canal is to preserve the affected tooth while preventing conditions that may be triggered by the infection causing the pain. To do so, dentists treat the pain with a careful cleaning and disinfection process. Once that is complete, the hollow created is filled with a sealer. The final step comes with filling the tooth or using a cap to protect it from further damage.

  • The procedure preserves the natural smile - Perhaps one of the best reasons to select a root canal over extraction lies in the preservation it provides. When a root canal is successful, the damage tooth is repaired. The end result is a natural smile, instead of one with a hole. While dental implants, Toronto residents will find, may fill in the gap, keeping natural teeth is always a better choice when feasible.

Emergency dental care Toronto providers do more than pull teeth and fill cavities. When infection is at the heart of the problem, a root canal may help stop the pain while preserving natural teeth in the process.

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