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Do Dental Implants Make Sense for You?

Whether there’s a need to replace a single tooth, a row of them or an entire set, dental implants Toronto residents may find offer the permanency they’re after. This distinct alternative to dentures, partials or just leaving a gap in the mouth can deliver benefits that make them ideal in many circumstances.

A Toronto dental clinic is very likely to recommend dental implants if a single tooth has fallen out or has broken beyond repair. This procedure involves fabricating an artificial tooth to replace the one that is missing or must be pulled due to breakage or other concerns. The tooth will be crafted to blend in seamlessly with a patient’s own natural teeth. Once a dental clinic Toronto provider has the implant prepared, it will be embedded into the gum in the place of the lost tooth’s root. The procedures involved with partial or full set replacements are more involved, but offer the same benefits as single tooth replacement. They include:

  • A worry-free fit – Dental implants Toronto residents are likely to discover are preferred because they offer a more permanent replacement for teeth. Unlike dentures that may slip and slide, implants function very much like a person’s own teeth.

  • A natural look – Some tooth replacements look just obvious, but that is not the case with implants. These replacements are carefully created to match patients’ teeth as closely as possible. The end result is a more natural look that many people purposely seek out when cosmetic concerns arise. Just like teeth whitening Toronto services, implants can help people craft the smile they’re after.

  • Greater comfort – While some healing will, of course, be required once implants are placed, the end result is a more comfortable experience.

When a tooth or an entire set needs to be replaced, dental implants Toronto residents will find may offer them a permanent solution that looks and feels great. To find out more about this cosmetic option, consult with a Toronto dental clinic that offers this service.

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