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A Short Summary on Dental Implants

Dental implant is a very effective cosmetic dental treatment that is purposed to refill open spaces left by missing tooth with permanent replacements. Made in laboratory, dental implants are fittings that are surgically placed in the jaw bone at a given site. Implants come in two parts, the crown that goes into the gum and the bottom which is a replica of the lost teeth. Dental implants experts in Toronto perform the operation in a day, with a close follow-up of the patients during the subsequent months.

The implant that goes inside the gum is surgically inserted into the bone of the gum. Over the following months, the soft gum tissues grow around the implant giving it further anchorage into the site. The tooth that is appended to the bottom screw of the implant is prepared in the laboratory under the supervision of dentists and oral care specialists. They use a 2D image of the client’s teeth to conjure a 3D duplication of it. Once the developers are fully satisfied with the design and color, it is 3D printed with composite resin material.

With the help of a cork screw, the tooth is then attached to the implant. An implanted prosthetic tooth, works, looks and feels the same as a real one. However, unlike real teeth, implants are permanent and cannot be taken out like dentures when needed. They require the same care and cleaning as regular teeth. You can brush them and floss them as the rest of your teeth

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