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3 Reasons to Consider a Root Canal

When toothache pain hits a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10, it’s not uncommon for people to want to do anything to result the problem. An emergency dental care Toronto clinic can help, but the recommendation made may not be exactly what patients expect. In many cases, dentists may deem performing a root canal Toronto procedure a much better move than yanking out a tooth to end the pain. Although a little more involved than a pure extraction, root canals can be very smart choices for patients’ long-term dental health.

Not sure if a root canal followed by a dental crown Toronto procedure is the best way to go? Here are a few reasons to consider root canals over extractions when toothache pain is a major concern:

  • Addressing underlying problems – The need for root canal treatment can arise from a variety of causes. Infection and deep decay are two of them. Before root canal Toronto work is performed, dentists address the underlying causes. In doing so, they can cure teeth from infection. The process may have benefits that extend to the nearby jawline by default.

  • Appearances – When a tooth is pulled to address pain and infection, a hole remains. While it is possible to consider dental implants, Toronto, Ontario, residents will find that root canals have the same result and may actually be faster and less expensive to complete.

  • Health of nearby teeth – When a damaged or infected tooth is addressed through the root canal process, patients maintain their natural teeth. In doing so, the process helps the damaged tooth and those nearby it to begin functioning normally once more. This can be better for long-term dental health while also helping maintain a natural smile.

When an emergency dental clinic Toronto provider recommends a root canal over extraction, there is good reason behind it. This procedure addresses underlying problems, maintains a person’s natural teeth and stores a smile quickly and effectively.

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3 Reasons to Consider a Root Canal

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